We are a group of driven professionals with the drive for success and a passion for urban renewal across various property sectors - mixed use developments, residential, retail and office within the Sydney Metropolitan area.

ReStreet is a complete development solution.

Our foundations are built on the collaborative expertise of the leadership team uniquely aligned by construction, finance and property development. This combination of leaders accompanied with an extensive industry network and harmonious relationships has seen ReStreet’s portfolio exceed $100M in its first year with a pipeline of over $200M forecast in the coming year.

We are a small and efficient team, hence why we are very selective about the type of projects that we do. The culmination of our development and construction division has propelled our fast growing portfolio. 

Meet the Team

Alistair Jones | Director

With over 15 years’ construction experience, Alistair has a proven track record of delivering award-winning projects. He is known for his direct, accountable approach, clear vision and wide-ranging expertise.

Stephen Jedovnicky | Director

Stephen's knowledge is underpinned by his extensive experience in the property and construction field. He is responsible for all aspects of finance with ReStreet to ensure the successful execution of all financial related elements to each development.

Kevin Lam | Director

With a background in mixed-use and residential developments, Kevin has extensive experience across all stages of a project, from site acquisition and planning to financing and marketing.

Local knowledge

Situated on the Sydney CBD fringe, Restreet’s Directors and team have a proven ability and extensive history working in Sydney in live operational environments, sympathetic to those whom are impacted by construction, whilst driving the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. Unlike larger companies Restreet’s Directors are local to your project, on the front line and are contactable & accountable throughout every development for the entirety of it’s life cycle.

Reimagine, Redevelop, Rebuild